Hello, Wow!CX Website Builder Admin!

So you are on the first page (blog post, actually) after signing up for and visiting your custom Wow!CX site. If you are a WordPress user, you should recognize this as the standard WordPress blog.

Before you invite others from your team or organization to create their Wow!CX user accounts, we suggest a quick setup of this dedicated site and your Wow!CX account.

If you are new to WordPress, here is a good overview you could use:
How to Use WordPress CMS:
The Beginner’s Guide to Managing WordPress Website

Step 1: Log in to Admin Account

In a new browser tab, type the login URL for your custom site, and log in to your admin account you created at the time of registering for your custom URL.




NOTE: You are probably already logged in, in which case the above action will simply launch open the backend WordPress admin panel.

Here is a beginner’s guide to the WordPress admin panel:
A Beginner’s Overview of the WordPress Admin Panel & ToolBar

Step 2: Change Site Tagline

Do you see the default tagline “Just another Wow!CX site” under your site name in the header? You can change it to something that best fits your organizational need and brand.

Read this article on how to do this:
How to change the site title (and tagline) in WordPress

Step 3: Set Up Navigation Menu

Add a navigation menu below the header. Add the below Custom Links to the menu:

Register: Your_Custom_URL/register
This link in the menu will help new users of your Wow!CX site to signup for their user accounts.

Login: Your_Custom_URL/login
This link in the menu will help users of your Wow!CX site to log in to their user accounts.

Client Portal: Your_Custom_URL/clients
This link in the menu will help your customers to access the Wow!CX CRM Client Portal.

Read this article on how to do this:
How to add navigation menu in WordPress (beginner’s guide)

Step 4: Create a New Blog Post “Welcome, Wow!CX Website Builder User!”

Copy the content for your new post from this Wow!CX Knowledge Base post:

Welcome, Wow!CX Website Builder User!

Make it a sticky post so that it stays at the top of the page.

Learn how to create a new WordPress post here:
Create a WordPress Post Tutorial
Learn How to Create a New WordPress Post

Learn how to make your post stick to the top:
How to Make Sticky Posts in WordPress

Step 5: Make this Post “Welcome, Wow!CX Website Builder Admin” Private

The current page you are viewing is the first blog post of your dedicated WordPress site. Make it private so that your users do not see it.

Learn how to do this:
How to Create a Private Post in WordPress