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Land for Everyone


Fulfill your fantasies of a secured future for your family.

Indians show an unmistakable fascination for purchasing land towards securing the future of their offspring. At Aduri Group, we assume the part of land champions to help realize this fantasy of Indians. The group was shaped in 2008 in Hyderabad by first generation entrepreneurs to assist our clients in South India with the best land venture skill.

Who We Are

OUR brand

Aduri Group manages open plot ventures in HMDA, DTCP, and FARM designs. With our focus, we have acquired many fulfilled clients over the years.

Selling land is our obsession. Yet it is not a benefit-making venture. Aduri Group is the brand for high client satisfaction, dependability, unmatched assistance, and a huge scope advancement.

Step into the
World of Land speculation!

At its best, land speculation is a high-risk, high-return investment with no tax advantages. At its worst, it is the playground of scam artists and rife with high-level collusion.

The purpose of land speculation is to buy undeveloped areas that are expected to see a building boom. Then, you have the option of selling this land as developers move in or developing it yourself. Carrying out this simple plan, however, is often harder than people expect.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make land speculation a low-risk high-return investment for all Indians. Aduri Group deals with this subject so every individual can satisfy their fantasies by securing the future for their familiy. We imagine growing our administration in various areas to provide 10,000+ jobs and financial freedom to the meriting poor. We are growing methodically so we can successfully serve many fulfilled clients and become the number one developing land organization in South India.

Our Mission

We help our customers double the investment in their venture within a reasonable timeframe through appropriate land speculation techniques. This methodology includes correct planning and right topographical areas. Aduri Group puts resources into enormous packages and segments these into more modest plots so every client can manage their cost. We are astute in making all this conceivable in a pocket-friendly way.

Our Values

We trust in collaboration to accomplish shared objectives.

We take every opportunity as a replacement challenge and strive to deliver outstanding output.

We examine customer needs to provide customized services.

We assist our customers with taking the correct choice by giving practical direction.

We value trust & honesty which consistently show in our work.

Our Businesses

DTCP and HMDA Layouts

Farm Lands